Why It’s Important To Forgive

There is a common misconception about forgiveness. Many of us believe that it’s a one-time deal! You forgive the person(s) and the issue is resolved. I’ve heard my clients say “Oh, I already forgave that person.”Yes, this is true, you did. But there is more, look at any area of your life where you’re feeling stuck.

Whatever injustice was done to us or however we felt wronged, at the time it was too painful to experience the emotions and so our body stored it, to be healed when it’s ready.

Imagine you’re like a rose, you’re unfolding patiently, petal by petal to reveal the light within you. One petal might be (Anger) towards that person(s). Another petal might be (Shame) from the experience. Then another petal might be (Fear) that it will happen again. Maybe a current situation is triggering the same emotions.

Another misconception about forgiveness is that we are letting the other person off the hook. This is not true! Forgives is a gift we give ourselves.

I personally have forgiven family members countless times, not because it was the right thing to do, but because I needed to let go of the pain story that created repeated patterns in my life.

The purpose of forgiveness

Each time we forgive, we always gain a new perspective. This insight is usually necessary for us, in order to move forward. We also gain more love and compassion beginning with ourselves then towards others.

Forgiveness is not condoning what the other person did or said, forgiveness is freedom from the story—the hurt, pain and disappointment you felt so that you can move forward.

4 tips to help with forgiveness

  1. The Goddess to work with is: Mary Magdalene. Her message is to release unforgiveness toward another so you can heal and move on. 

    Set aside some time where you will not be disturbed and close your eyes, take several deep breaths, until you feel relaxed. Connect with her and ask her for guidance and support.

  2. Full moons are a perfect time to shed the past. Write a letter to the person uncut, you’re never going to send it to them. End the letter forgiving them and before you burn it or tear it up, say aloud, I release this, I am no longer [insert emotion e.g. angry] love will heal this.

  3. When we think of someone or have a past memory, our energy is still connected to that person. It’s our inner child who wants things to be different than it actually was. This is impossible! Cut the ties that bind you in my free forgiveness meditation.

  4.  If you have unfinished business with a loved one in spirit and youfeel stuck, unable to grieve your pain, find out how working with me, can help you heal past wounds and bring joy back.

When we forgive, we are no longer living in the past. By releasing the hurt, pain and disappointment, it loses power over us and we experience a burden being lifted. You feel optimistic, joyful and peaceful. You have more energy and you have better relationships with family members and other people.

I want to hear from you

Do you find it hard to forgive another?

Have you forgiven because you felt it was the right thing to do?