Do You Make Time To Listen?

Sometimes when I feel like I’m pushing myself to accomplish a task and I’m working really hard to achieve a goal, I intuitively know that I am trying to make something happen my way.

I will admit, I don’t immediately listen. I wait until the message becomes loud and clear, that I need to stop what I’m doing. The message usually comes in the form of fatigue, neck pain, an inability to concentrate or from a rune or Oracle card telling me to surrender, let go of my plans etc.

I’ve noticed that all too often, women sacrifice their needs-wants-desires because they make everyone or everything a priority. We learned from our mother’s and foremothers that it is selfish to want more for our lives. So, we work really hard to try to fit in, but instead of feeling happy, we feel trapped! Some of us are unknowingly living our mothers unfulfilled dreams (which was my story), others are doing the right thing, not what’s right for them.

Working hard, pushing, striving and doing, is a very unnatural way for women. Today is the Celtic Sabbat called Samhain—it signifies the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. It’s also known as the Celtic New Year. 

This is a perfect time to light a candle and to honor our mother lineage, by acknowledging all that they’ve endured to light the way for us. 

It is also a period of darkness, where the veils between the worlds are at our thinnest and our ancestors surround us. Take some time for stillness and listen in to their wisdom.

Be receptive exercise 

Step 1. In the evening or when it’s most convenient for you, set aside some alone time for 30 minutes and be in complete silence. No music, radio or television sounds in the background. 

Light a candle if you wish and use the timer on your smartphone to sit and really listen to your thoughts. Be conscious of your breathing and how you feel—uncomfortable, aches, negative, peaceful, happy etc. If you’re fortunate to live near a beach or in the country, then I highly recommend sitting by the ocean, open fields or forest, weather permitting of course.

Step 2. In your journal record whatever you discover. Did you receive an answer to a problem? Did you receive inspiration on action steps to take towards your goals? Did you receive insights or clarity about something that baffled you? Write that down.

When women make time to listen regularly, they open themselves to be in a flow, where life becomes effortless, almost magical.