Hello, my name is Andrea,

I am so grateful that you found your way here. 

As a Spiritual Medium, it is my mission to help women heal past wounds so they can bring joy back and listen to what’s in their heart and live a life filled with freedom and purpose.

Losing a loved one can be devasting. Our grief can practically immobilize us and if we had an unhealthy relationship with a loved one in spirit, this can bring up feelings of guilt or anger, for never resolving misunderstandings or reconciling with a family member. 

But holding on to unfinished business can affect our health, wealth and relationships, we remain stuck, unable to grieve our pain. 

When you heal the past, you experience a burden being lifted, a sense of freedom and lightness. You feel optimistic, joyful and peaceful. You have more energy and you have better relationships with family members and other people.

It is my honor to use my gift to help you bring joy back.

I look forward to connecting with you!



I had the opportunity to work with Andrea Lewis and she gave me a renewed sense of direction and purpose. After only a few minutes into our first conversation, I was able to connect with her. She has a warm reassuring voice and knew how to cut through my chatter during the first call. She offered a place of trust, understanding and empathy. She also used storytelling to encourage me to share my concerns and it helped me break though some of my limiting beliefs and fears. She has a natural gift for understanding human nature and extracting what often keeps us stuck in life.
— Mary Robertson

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