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Hello, I’m Andrea,

I am so grateful that you found your way here. I am a Priestess, Akashic Records Ancestral Healing Practitioner, Certified Empowerment Coach, Author and Speaker.

My journey on paving my own path

At a young age, I always took time to listen to people of all walks of life. Drama, dysfunction and mental illness shaped my childhood into adulthood. I tried really hard to fit in and belong so I did what everyone did, get married, buy a house and get a permanent job in the government.

I thought this would make me happy, but the more I tried to fit in and belong, the more I felt sick with bipolar disorder, anxiety, debilitating migraines and fibromyalgia. 

When my marriage ended in divorce I searched for happiness in self-improvement books and I also consulted with Reiki practitioners and psychics. Though I wanted more meaning in my life I wasn’t willing to change, I was comfortable with the status quo. Until many years later I realized that I was living someone else’s life, specifically my mother’s unfulfilled dreams. 

After twelve years as a Senior Desktop Publisher I resigned and all physical ailments dissolved. I then self-published my memoir Dramaville is not a place; it’s a state of mind. I chronicle my journey on how I went from self-destruction to self-love and re-awakened my intuitive gifts.

I discovered that writing made me happy and I believed that since I followed my guidance to write my story, that I would live the life of my dreams, which was to relocate to Tuscany, Italy, buy a winery and be a writer. 

Except things didn’t go according to my plans. The book didn’t become the best seller I anticipated, I felt stuck, confused and lost, until I met an artist at one of my modeling gigs.

There was a sense of familiarity with him and I believed that he was the soul mate I had long searched for. But my romanticized version of a soul mate was soon shattered; he was just like the other men I dated—emotionally unavailable.

Yet I remained in the relationship, hoping that things would change if I simply shifted my mindset to what I wanted, instead of what I didn’t. This technique was ineffective because the longer I stayed in the relationship; the more I struggled to cope with the drama, problems and emotional turmoil.

Inexplicably there were also spontaneous past-life memories. I didn’t even believe in past-lives much less reincarnation! I had no idea what these memories had to do with anything and after the relationship ended, I enrolled in the Master Empowerment Coaching Program from The S.W.A.T Institute. 

When I learned about Archetypes, the map of consciousness and teachings on codependency, I gained clarity as to the reason I was repeating patterns and how my emotions overrode my thoughts and words. It made complete sense and it became my mission to help empower women to say no to drama and codependent relationships, while reminding women of their worth.

Except after I launched my business, there was no activity and I questioned if I was on the right path. Then I encountered a Spiritual Coach at a Celtic Fair, who suggested I study the Akashic Records. I had never heard of the Akashic Records, but I followed the guidance and experienced a sense of familiarity.

For 30 days I underwent the initial initiation period of opening my Akashic Records. I was shocked by what I uncovered—not only did I carry fears of being persecuted for my beliefs from past lives into this lifetime; I also inherited fears from my parents and ancestors that were hindering my paths progress.

The initiation period extended for 6 months! I was sick with walking pneumonia—whooping cough and laryngitis. During my time of darkness I reconnected with my inner child by nurturing her and I discovered self-love. As I healed the past by releasing fears, I experienced peace.

Shortly afterwards I met one of my friends for tea, then we started dating, I realized that my thoughts and emotions were finally aligned. I was in my first healthy relationship with a man and though I was happy and the relationship was what I always wanted—healthy, loving and fulfilling, I was still not where I wanted to be in living the life I envisioned.

Following my heart I left everything behind to travel on a spiritual pilgrimage to England. When I visited sacred sites where I had a successful past-life as a Priestess, I reclaimed that part of me. 

After six-weeks I returned to Ottawa anticipating that my business would take off then I would relocate to Squamish, British Columbia. But when my plans fell through, I once again found myself full circle, feeling stuck!

For months I projected drama and problems in the relationship because I was in denial that I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to remain in Ottawa and see how the relationship would unfold.

Except my inner child would sabotage my efforts, she didn’t feel safe or worthy of receiving his love. I experienced more darkness when my crowdfunding campaign for my second book failed and many times I considered giving up. My Spirit Team’s counsel was: nothing is as it seems

The way of the Goddess is cyclical and the lessons from this life and past lifetimes repeated themselves, until I learned that I was hiding in the relationship because I was afraid to be seen and shine my light. This prevented me from embodying myself as a Priestess—an initiate of the Celtic Goddess Morrigan and fulfilling my purpose of bringing forth ancient wisdom and spiritual teachings.

As I released fears, my heart opened to more love and compassion beginning with SELF, and though the relationship has ended, my path continues to unfold in ways that is beyond what I envisioned.

Currently I writing my next book, part memoir, part self-help: Walk To The Beat Of Your Own Rhythm: How to get unstuck from repeated patterns and lead an empowering life.