Release Your Mother's Pain Story

In a perfect world we would have perfect relationships with our mothers. But the reality is, many women have had or continue to have unhealthy relationships with their mothers.

Deep down you know that your mother did the best she could with what she knew, but your inner child felt abandoned. This created separation, instead of togetherness within the family.

Maybe you feel:

  • ungrateful for wanting things to be different than it actually is

  • guilty for being estranged from your mother and

  • angry because no matter how hard you try, you never feel good enough.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Your feelings matter, because you matter!

Sometime last year I watched a movie "Stranded In Paradise" and there was a scene with the main actress and her mother, who was upset that her daughter lost her job and was taking a break to figure things out. She thought her daughter was being irresponsible. Then her mother went on about how she can't rely on anyone, especially a man.

Her daughter finally stood up to her and said. "Yes mom, I know the story on how dad left you when I was a baby and you were the sole provider. I carry a lot of anger and fear and it's not even mine!"

I realized that I inherited a similar story too! For years I lived my mother’s unfulfilled dreams and carried her pain, hurt and disappointment.

I created a FREE meditation called Release Your Mother's Pain Story, to help you heal and move forward.

In this meditation, I guide you to connect with your mother to find out her pain story with your father and learn how it played out in your life on an unconscious level.

It may be affecting: 

  • your relationships with men (e.g. betrayal, didn’t feel you have a voice);

  • financial issues (e.g. you feel anxious about not having enough money);

  • you work really hard; and

  • you’re afraid to take risks (e.g. choose jobs that are safe)

To find out your mother’s pain story you inherited, click on the FREE meditations link.