Andrea is AMAZING!!! I felt a shift before the Akashic session was over and could not stop crying. It resonated so deeply on a cellular level. I could feel the “old” energy move from my body, releasing me from the sabotage that lay dormant in my subconscious memories. What a gift she is. I had immediate results in my life that I could not have gotten otherwise. She gave me the information that was so accurate to my core issues. They are gone and I am manifesting so much now, I can hardly keep up with the great results.
— Christina Nixon
I felt very comfortable talking to Andrea, and the Akashic healing that she performed on me has made a remarkable difference in my perspective on my life. It brought a clearer understanding to my experiences and I feel a clarity that I have never experienced. Everything Andrea, addressed in the session resonated with me, and has been cleared.
— Karen Nelson
I had the opportunity to work with Andrea Lewis and she gave me a renewed sense of direction and purpose. After only a few minutes into our first conversation, I was able to connect with her. She has a warm reassuring voice and knew how to cut through my chatter during the first call. She offered a place of trust, understanding and empathy. She also used storytelling to encourage me to share my concerns and it helped me break though some of my limiting beliefs and fears. She has a natural gift for understanding human nature and extracting what often keeps us stuck in life.
— Mary Robertson
Andrea and I had three sessions together, in that time I felt a substantial shift in the direction my life was taking.  Andrea’s astute insights and kind yet direct style nudged, and sometimes pushed me forward on the healing path in the most loving of ways.  It was through Andrea that I saw more clearly how my wounded self was running the show and how I was very much getting in my own way!  The exercises I was given and the attention through the process showed Andrea’s deep commitment to my growth. I’m so grateful to Andrea.  I highly recommend her, no matter how stuck you might be or if you just want to move faster Andrea is capable of guiding you toward your goals.
— Michele Whitteker