Empowerment Coaching

You're struggling to make the changes that you anticipated, your plans are not going as expected and you’re feeling: 

  • stuck,
  • lost, and
  • without a purpose. 

During a session I can:

  • Shine light on a problem or situation and show you how to overcome challenges that are holding you back.
  • Reveal negative patterns that repeat in your life and provide you with tools to interrupt and stop them.
  • Guide you to reconnect with your feminine power and awaken a new inner awareness.

What to Expect 

All sessions are offered via Skype or a dial-in number with access code. The sessions are 1 hour and are recorded. Together we determine what is holding you back, create a better future and commit to SELF.

I help you grow into your highest potential by using my intuition I laser in on the issue and bring you up quickly to let go of the stories that keep you stuck and disempowered.

I guide you to move forward one step at a time by applying:

  • the map of consciousness (where you resonate emotionally) and
  • emotional age profile (the archetype you fall into). 

Between sessions, I am here to support you—if you need to ask questions, tell your story, bounce some ideas around, share your wins, disappointments and anything you like, please email me.

When you work with me, you will experience a shift in perspective and have more love, compassion for SELF and understanding of the problem or situation.

You’ll begin to make yourself a priority, believe that you matter and remember that you are FINE! Fabulous Independent N Elegant.


Coaching Sessions

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Purchase coaching sessions online, save $25 by purchasing 3 one hour coaching sessions.

Isn’t it time that you make yourself a priority?

Isn’t it time to believe that you matter?

Let me help you remember that you are FINE! Fabulous Independent N Elegant

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