Mediumship Reading

Do you still feel guilty for not resolving disagreements and misunderstandings with a loved one in spirit?

Are you still angry with your family member?

Do you feel stuck, lost and without a purpose?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Deep down you know that you deserved a healthy, loving and fulfilling relationship with your loved one in spirit.

But regardless of the relationship you had, you can heal the past, because only love is real.

It’s our EGO’s that create separation with fear, anger, guilt, shame, but it’s not who we are, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

When you release your hurt, pain and disappointment, you experience a burden being lifted, you transform your relationship to love and you open up to your family member being your spirit guide.

Your life is meant to be enjoyed and your family member is eager to help you.

During a session you can expect:

  • to receive healing from your loved one(s) in spirit,

  • to feel heard when you share your experience with me and

  • to receive support and guidance on your next steps moving forward.

All sessions are 1 hour via Zoom and are recorded.

My work is a combination of insight and healing. With my down-to-earth approach, compassion and empathy, I not only convey messages, I incorporate empowerment coaching. You leave a session with practical tools and feeling equipped to live a life filled with freedom and purpose.

If you are ready to bring joy back, then I am here to support you.


Mediumship Reading Sessions

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Heal past wounds and bring joy back

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