Guided Meditations

mother lineage 1.png

Release Your Mother’s Pain Story Meditation

Deep down you know that your mother did the best she could with what she knew, but your inner child felt abandoned. This created separation, instead of togetherness within the family.

In this meditation, connect with your mother to find out her pain story with your father and learn how it played out in your life on an unconscious level.

You'll also be guided to release your mother's pain story so you can heal and move forward.

grounding into the light meditation.png

Grounding Into The Light Meditation

Instead of rushing out of bed with your to-do list, start your mornings with the most important person—YOU, in this 7-minute grounding guided meditation. You’ll feel calm and grounded to cope with your day.

Meet Your Inner Child Meditation.png

Meet Your Inner Child Meditation

There is a little girl in you who has been trying to get your attention and because you haven’t acknowledged her, she most likely has sabotaged your health, your finances and your relationships.

She honestly thinks she’s been protecting you from getting hurt and disappointed. This has served its purpose, but it no longer does.

In this meditation, meet your inner child and find out what she needs from you and what gifts she brings.