Embarking On A New Adventure

For the past few weeks I’ve been packing up my house, donating items, selling furniture and throwing things out in the recycle bin or garbage. As I symbolically release the past, I’ve been experiencing a range of emotions from loss, joy and fear of the unknown.

Though I’ve consciously created this change by following my heart, when I walk among the boxes and look at the empty spaces where furniture once was placed and the bare walls that hung some of my artwork, I mourn the many memories rooted in this house.

The girl’s potlucks filled with wine, conversations, silliness and laughter; the drama with family and former boyfriends echoing in the walls and the frequent depressive episodes that left me emotionally depleted.

It’s also where I spent countless hours in the creative zone—writing, drawing, studying and discovering my healing abilities. Then there is the renewed energy of harmony, happiness and romance that linger in each room.

Through the good, the bad and the ugly, my house has been my safe haven for 10 and a half years. As I live out of boxes, part of me wants to stay because it’s familiar, but I recognize this is my Wounded little girl who fears change.

She feels overwhelmed, anxious and worried about leaving behind all that she’s known—stability, security and safety to embark on a new adventure.

In less than a month I will move out of my house, store my belongings in storage and take a spiritual pilgrim to the United Kingdom for 6 weeks. When I return to Ottawa I will be homeless and temporarily living out of a suitcase before I make my next move.

Following your heart requires radical trust

Since surrendering to God over 5 years ago to create my own path and live the life of my dreams I’ve experienced many twists and turns. Though it’s not the vision I had nor am I where I “thought” I’d be, I’m reminded that I’ve always been fully supported.

The wisdom of my Akashic records has helped provide the guidance I needed to persevere. As I frequently opened my records for present and past life as well as ancestral healing, my records also revealed glimpses of my future life.

Going on a spiritual pilgrim to a country I’ve never visited or even know anyone, at least in this lifetime is the basis for my next book—memoir/travelogue. Expect more blog posts to follow on the subject of my travels.

Riding the winds of change

Get organized. Prior to taking action, spend some time making lists of what needs to be done. As you accomplish items one by one, cross them off your list. When you get organized your perspective will shift from: how am I going to do xyz? to: this is doable and manageable because the list will be out of your head and onto the paper or computer.

Feel your emotions. Write down your fears, anxieties, concerns etc. then tear up the paper to release the power it has over you. A technique I guide my clients through is to dialogue with the Wounded self by talking to her as if she were your child with love and compassion.

When you feeling your feelings you don’t get stuck in the past and debilitated by your fears and core limiting beliefs.

Nurture yourself. When you feel stressed, overwhelmed etc., stop! Take time to relax—walk, soak in a bubble bath, do something creative, watch an uplifting movie and breathe—inhale love, exhale fear on 3 breaths.

When you nurture yourself you remain grounded in the present moment. You also rejuvenate your mind-body-spirit so that you can take your next action step from an empowered place.

I want to hear from you!

Do you resist change or do you welcome it?