Courageously Moving Forward

Months after I launched my business I wasn’t seeing the results I anticipated and I felt discouraged. I wondered if all of my efforts were in vain!

But instead of giving up, though the thought did enter my mind, I opened my Akashic Records and met with my soul from a successful past-life.

In the Alashic meeting room my soul that came forth was a woman wearing a medieval dress and blue cloak. She resembled a Priestess from the King Arthur era.

As I presented my fears, doubts, concerns and asked concrete questions, my past-life expert helped me gain understanding and shift my perspective to take appropriate actions.

Overcoming fear(s) from this and previous lifetimes

Though I had clarity on what caused me to be successful as well as received pertinent advice, I still felt stuck!

For months I released unresolved pain from childhood because this is the basis of my empowerment coaching, to break repeated patterns that stem from childhood. But I also did a guided past life meditation as well as past life healing in the Akashic Records.

I discovered many lifetimes as a priestess, goddess, gypsy and witch from the 14th and 15th century. These past lives were traumatic!

I hid to stay safe from being killed for my beliefs, I was burned at the stakes and I had taken vows of poverty, meaning I didn’t charge for my services or charge a fair wage.

There were many more traumatic experiences including during the Tudor era that my soul carried into this lifetime. But I cleared and released the old vows, plus forgave the person(s) who contributed to my pain.

Reclaiming the feminine

The more I examined my past lives the more I realized how it affected my present life and I began to see a common thread. I was terrified to speak out; I had a lot of shame and feared retaliation and judgment.

It explained the reason I didn’t have a voice in my relationships and I chose to play small and dim my light. I was trying to stay safe!

However, the fears, learned experiences and core limiting beliefs no longer served me. As I let go of the pain from this and previous lifetimes I reclaimed my feminine power and with this newfound positive energy, I felt seen and heard in my business and personal relationships.

Glimpses of the future

A new doorway began to open up and my intuition was guiding me to return to the places where I had a successful life.

It took months for me to interpret the images and the guidance I was receiving. By maintaining a child-like curiosity I stayed open, jotted down my musings, created a mind map, reviewed and updated my goals, journalled, consulted the Akashic records, contemplated and took guided action along the way.

With patience, persistence, strength, humility and trust in a divine plan as well as divine timing the 6-week spiritual pilgrim to the United Kingdom unfolded. The places I’ll visit are: St. Ives, Cornwall, which is rich in Celtic tradition, Glastonbury, which is linked to King Arthur folklore, Stonehenge and Marazion.

I don’t have an itinerary, but what I do have is belief that I’ll be led to where I need to be and to what I need to do, see and know. As I leave my comfort zone, the one question I’m pondering is: what will I discover about SELF?

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