Akashic Reading

Are you a woman who’s been betrayed and feels unsupported in your relationships?

You’re afraid to speak up because you don’t believe you have a voice.

Financial stress is preventing you from experiencing prosperity.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Deep down you know that you deserve to life filled with freedom and purpose, but you’re not exactly sure how to achieve it because:

  • you’re always in flight and fight or survival mode,

  • you have a difficult time trusting,

  • you don’t feel a sense of belonging, and

  • you’re experiencing repeated patterns that are preventing you from moving forward.

During a session I can:

  • Determine where the limiting pattern began and what you need to do to release it.

  • Identify fears, learned experiences and core limiting beliefs that were passed down from your parents and ancestors including past lifetimes.

  • Clear unwanted ancestral influences.

What to Expect

I will verbally ask your permission to open your Akashic records using your current legal name (first, middle, last).

All sessions are 1 hour and are offered via Skype or Zoom. The sessions are 1 hour and are recorded.

When you work with me you will experience a shift in perspective and in your energy level. You’ll feel as if a burden is lifted and with a newfound freedom you’ll be able to create solid foundation, beginning with SELF because you’ll remember who you are—a powerful woman.

Akashic Reading Sessions

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Identify and clear unwanted ancestral influences on the present

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