Are you always compromising your needs, wants and desires to please others because you do not want to be judged, yet your family, friends and colleagues disrespect you?

Do you believe that if you do the “right” thing, he’ll commit, you’ll get that job promotion or your parents are going to be proud of you?

Does thinking about the future make you anxious?
Do you feel alone, hopeless and exhausted?

It doesn’t have to be this way! As a Certified Wellness Coach I will help you walk to the beat of your own rhythm by supporting and guiding you to be FINE! Fabulous Independent N Elegant.

My purpose is to help women lead empowering lives by taking a holistic approach to their wellbeing. I believe that if you want to live the life of your dreams, it begins with SELF—when you make your self-care a priority, your self-esteem increases and you gain self-respect and self-trust. Most importantly, you find self-love.

If you’re ready to say NO to drama and say YES to the life of your dreams, then an empowerment coaching session with me can determine what is holding you back, create a better future and commit to SELF. Together, we’ll accomplish more than we would alone.

I had the opportunity to work with Andrea Lewis and she gave me a renewed sense of direction and purpose. After only a few minutes into our first conversation, I was able to connect with her. She has a warm reassuring voice and knew how to cut through my chatter during the first call. She offered a place of trust, understanding and empathy. She also used storytelling to encourage me to share my concerns and it helped me break though some of my limiting beliefs and fears. She has a natural gift for understanding human nature and extracting what often keeps us stuck in life.
— Mary Robertson

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