You Always Have A Choice

Recently I had a sudden realization and that is, I always have a choice. It was if a brick hit me over the head. It was that profound! 

In the past I would try really hard to make things work, whether it was a relationship, my work or an idea and instead of letting go and moving on, I would wait for things to change or for other options to present itself.

This kept me stuck!

What I believed as patience, was being passive.

What I believed as being committed to the relationship, my work or an idea, was me being attached to a specific outcome and I was unable to see other options. 

How to make another choice

It is okay to change your mind, but many of us are afraid to, because we think of how it will affect others and/or it’s too much of an effort to make a change. We might also be afraid to admit that we made a mistake.

You’re human and you’re not meant to go through life doing things perfectly!

You’re meant to grow through life and this means that wherever you are right now, is exactly where you’re meant to be and whatever is not working in your life, is simply feedback, telling you that you are limiting yourself.

Set aside some time to listen for at least 30 minutes. Ensure that you won’t be disturbed. Light a candle if you wishand take several deep breaths to centre yourself and tune into your thoughts. Use the timer on your smartphone if you need to.

Then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I feel like I am chasing someone or something? (Is it only one-sided?)

  2. Does it feel like I am forcing someone or something? (Are your efforts turning up empty?)

  3. Am I addressing the same issue and nothing seems to change? (If it’s recurring more than 3 times, that’s a clear sign, that you are trying to manipulate and control someone or something. This is a hard pill to swallow.)

  4. Am I trying to figure things out? (If you’re asking yourself how do I, should I, I don’t know etc., you’re not only creating more worry and/or fear, but you’re blocking yourself from receiving insight, inspiration or guidance) 

  5. What am I learning?

The answers may not come right away and when they do, write them down in your journal, so you can keep track of recurring thoughts, patterns or insights.

Once you bring to awareness of where you’re resonating. Only then can you change.

When you ask the right questions, youshift you from the victim mentality to empowerment.

We are constantly faced with choices each moment, each hour, each day and so forth, but in order to live a joyful life, it is essential to make choices that are right for and you do this by:

  •  trusting yourself;

  • surrendering to what is, instead of having a certain expectation and

  • staying open to possibilities

When I recently spoke with Crystal Andrus Morissette, in episode 4 of my radio show Heal Past Wounds and Bring Joy Back, she shared that

“Empowerment means knowing that you have a choice and the choice first and foremost is that you’ve got to take care of you.”

I had a lot of fun speaking with Crystal last week. She kept the conversation real and provided a lot of wisdom and inspiration.

She was on fire when she explained that Woman energy is, when you finally have the courage to:

  • look at yourself,

  • your choices,

  • your dreams

And say, I want and deserve to be in alignment with who I am.

Ask yourself:

What would courage have me do? And am I willing to do it?

“When you’re willing to do what courage would have you do, that’s where the good stuff happens!!!”

Crystal shared a lot of amazing insights into being an empowered woman. 

The link to listen to episode 4, The Emotional Edge With Crystal Andrus Morissette,is: I would also love it if you subscribed on iTunes and left a review to let me know what you think.