Why You Need To Bring Joy Back?

When my relationship ended, I intuitively knew that my purpose to help women find the perfect man, was no longer valid. However, my business coach optimistically referenced a successful relationship coach who was single.

I wasn’t completely convinced, but my EGO wanted me to take action and I listened! It didn’t take me long to realize that my gut instincts were correct. I received zero results considering I had some momentum prior.

My Oracle cards and runes indicated that I was experiencing personal growth so I resumed sitting in contemplation and listened deeply. As I did, I found a common thread in my life that was missing—it was: Joy. I learned, to resonate in (Joy) I had to love myself unconditionally.

I then realized the following:

  • When we worry, we create more stress in our lives.
  • When we enjoy, life becomes effortless—almost magical.

I then asked my Spirit Team the following questions:

  • How do we stay in a place of love when things are not going according to our plans?
  • How do we have patience and sustain a positive attitude in the face of prolonged adversity?

The answer was always the same: Be Love!

It took some time to decipher the musings, the insights, journal entries and my BIG vision to determine the new direction my personal and business life was taking. 

At the core of my new messaging: I help womenbring joy back and listen to what’s in their heart so they can live a life filled with freedom and purpose.


I’ve noticed that women sacrifice their needs-wants-desires and make everyone a priority. They learned from their mother’s and foremothers to work really hard, but they feel unfilled and exhausted. They’re doing the right thing, instead of what’s right for them.

Make yourself a priority

It might seem selfish to make ourselves a priority. The EGO will hound us with guilt if we do something for ourselves because there are countless important things to do—work, cook dinner, spend time with the family, pay bills, clean house etc.

Though that may be true, you are more important! The EGO likes to distract us from our truth. But if you’re depleted and going through the motions of life, then how effective will you be?

Making yourself a priority is giving the EGO what it most needs and that is: love. Here is 1 tip: 

  1. Express yourself! Spend at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week doing something creative e.g. writing, drawing, painting, dancing etc. Schedule it in your smartphone and set a reminder.

    This shifts you from being in your head, where the EGO will focus on problems, fears, to-do lists—things in the future which are beyond your control, to your heart where you focus on solutions, access inner wisdom, intuition—things in the present that help you take action that is right for you.

When women express themselves authentically as creative, intuitive and powerful women, they light up the world with love.

I want to hear from you

Do you set aside time regularly to connect with yourself?

Do you believe that you don’t have time to do something for yourself?