What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

Last week I worked intensively with a Business Mindset Coach and by Friday, I had a huge breakthrough! I was able to see ever so clearly how I created my reality, by some tough questions she asked—ones that I didn’t want to answer. But my desire for change, outweighed my fears.

After sitting with the discomfort, I acknowledged “my story”, in other words, what I had been telling myself repeatedly. I then wrote it out and set the paper up in flames, before I went on to write a brand new story. The purpose was to create a new belief and to reprogram my mind.

Incredibly, it was effective because I started to feel like I had already achieved what I intended. Except the feeling wasn’t enough, my Business Mindset Coach advised, I needed to trick my EGO into believing my new reality, by acting as if I am already living my new reality.

Not only did I begin to show up differently, I also took inspired action, otherwise it would have been wishful thinking and to my amazement, doors opened to opportunities that once seemed impossible.

Nothing is impossible

The more you tell yourself something, the more you affirm a belief. It’s our EGO that limit us to what we can and cannot do. But we are actually limitless and you can challenge your EGO’s limitation.

Have you ever noticed that your EGO only focuses on the problem?

You might have noticed your EGO doesn’t have a solution.

How would your EGO know that things won’t work out, if you’ve never even tried? (The key word here is you, because your EGO will find evidence from someone else’s experience.)

Your EGO’s purpose is to remain with the status quo, because it’s familiar. But deep down you know that you deserve to have a life filled with joy!

It takes just as much energy to tell yourself something positive, then it does to tell yourself something negative. 

If you came to me about bringing more joy into your life and I told you to tell yourself: I can’t have fun in my life, that’s child’s play, I have all these bills to pay. I just don’t know how I can possibly make time for that. I can’t, it’s impossible with my schedule… 

Would you listen?


I am certain that the negativity would bring your energy down.

If I said, joy is your birthright, you deserve to enjoy your life, you can make time for joy because you are important. When you have fun in your life, it makes life effortless. What are your options? How can you make joy a priority?

You would feel energized, lighter and motivated.

Start telling yourself a new story with these 5 tips:

  1. Acknowledge your current belief. If you are telling yourself I can’t….I don’t know how….I should….I have to….I don’t have….How do I…..Everyone else can.… etc., release it by writing it out on paper, then tear it up so it loses power over you. 
  2. Create a new belief. Affirm repeatedly: All the answers are within me. It’s best to say it aloud a few times, until you feel it.
  3. Ask the right questions. This will shift you from the victim mentality to empowerment. 
    What are my next right steps?
    What am I not seeing?
  4. Journal. The answers may not come right away and when they do, write them down so you keep track of recurring thoughts, patterns or insights.
  5. Connect with a loved one in spirit. Set aside a time and place where you won’t be disturbed. Then close your eyes, take several deep breaths, until you feel relaxed.

    Internally say your loved one’s name and when you sense their presence, talk to them about your situation and ask him or her questions, then listen and feel for the response.

When you acknowledge your current belief, create a new belief, ask the right questions, journal and connect with a loved one in spirit, you are taking responsibility for how you show up in your life.

In any given moment you have the ability to change your story, from one that limits you to what you think you can achieve, to one where you fulfill your heart’s desires.

I want to hear from you

Do you find yourself trying to figure out the details of something you want to change in your life, but you end up feeling frustrated and stuck?

Have you noticed that the more you analyze or process something, you feel anxious?

How can you see your current story from a higher perspective?