Walk To The Beat Of Your Own Rhythm

I’m writing a new book. Walk To The Beat Of Your Own Rhythm: How to get unstuck from repeated patterns and lead an empowering life. Part memoir and part self-help.

I shine light on how we inherited fears from our parents, our past lives, and ancestors that hinder our path. 

I unknowingly kept attracting what I didn’t want, and then I shifted my mindset and focused on what I did want. But I still attracted similar experiences from my dysfunctional upbringing.

I didn’t know how to stop repeating patterns. I tried meditating, saying positive affirmations and expressing gratitude, yet I still felt stuck!

It wasn’t until I discovered in my Empowerment Coaching program that I had unfinished business in this life, then when I accessed my Akashic Records I had traumatic past-lives, including ancestral influences that hindered my own path.

It’s a journey in remembering who we are—powerful beings capable of creating a life that is right for us, instead of the life we believe we “should” live.

The challenge that most people have is aligning their thoughts with their emotions. They believe that the car, the house, the money, the career etc. will make them feel worthy.

But it’s not true!

In my book I also explain the reason we sabotage our own efforts and are unable to sustain success, even though we might say we want an amazing career, healthy relationship, etc.

I provide simple, but effective techniques to assist the reader in overcoming their fears and reclaiming their power, so that they can live the prosperous life they want.

I’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign and I need your help to reach my goal of spreading my message to a wider audience. Publishizer, the platform I’m using gives me the power to package my skills, experience and knowledge into a book, offer amazing rewards and the opportunity to connect with a publisher.

If you or you know of someone who would benefit from my book, please go ahead and share. I would also be grateful if you shared with your community on social media to help me spread my message even further.

Here is the link to my crowdfunding campaign page over at Publishizer: https://publishizer.com/walk-to-the-beat-of-your-own-rhythm/

Thank you for your support.