Stay True To Yourself

All my life I tried really hard to fit in because I didn’t feel like I belonged in any groups, organizations or places, including my own family. But the more I tried to be “normal” the more depressed I felt, until finally I hit rock bottom!

The whispering in my heart grew so loud, I could no longer deny it—6 years ago.I resigned from my government job of 12 years with big dreams of living a simpler life, where I worked smarter, not harder. 

I had some idea of how I envisioned that and though I expected my plans to go accordingly, it didn’t. On the journey to present day, I see ever so clearly how I had fears to overcome and lessons to learn.

When I took a few detours, I was still trying to fit in to be “normal”. But with each twist and turn, I would gain more wisdom and more clarity.

Since the recent endings, I’ve been in a place where I cannot return to what was familiar, nor can I move forward to the unknown. I refer to this place as a gestation period where it is filled with possibility.

Once again, I re-committed to my calling and my creative path, by tuning in to my deepest desires, passions, core values and my vision for a simpler life.

The more I let go of my fears and doubts, the more hidden choices reveal themselves.

  • New ideas are forming.
  • New healing gifts are emerging.
  • New insights are requiring me to get clear about the work that I offer. 
  • New life is unfolding. 
  • New beginnings are on the horizon.

Trust the process

It’s easy to feel impatient, fearful or frustrated when we are in limbo. We live in a world where we’ve learned to expect instantaneous results and when things don’t go our way we want to give up because it’s taking too long, it’s too hard etc.

As you evolve, your plans will evolve too! In my experience what we think we want is limiting and usually God/Goddess has something better. Our only job is to stay open to receive. 

To help trust the process, here are 4 tips:

  1. Ask the right questions. This will shift you from the victim mentality to empowerment. 
    What am I not seeing? 
    How can I take a higher perspective on this? 
    What lesson am I learning?
  2. Journal. The answers may not come right away and when they do, write them down so you keep track of recurring thoughts, patterns or insights.
  3. Values. Contemplate on what’s important to you and make a list of 5 to 10 core values. Knowing your core values helps you stay true to yourself and follow the path that is right for you.
  4. Connect with Mother Earth. Go for a walk for a minimum of 20 minutes—no music to get you out of your head and into your heart where you access your inner guidance. 

When you ask the right questions, journal, know your values and go for a walk, you become grounded in the present moment. This is where you'll make choices or decisions that are right for you as opposed to choices or decisions from a place of fear where it feels desperate.

If you have a BIG dream and you’ve been derailed, know that you will find yourself back on track when the time is right for you. No experience is ever wasted, there are always lessons to learn that push you to grow and evolve.

So, when your BIG dream that you’ve been holding in your heart beckons you to answer, all that is required of you, is to say a committed YES!!!

I want to hear from you

What’s your BIG dream?

Is your BIG dream based on what you think is possible or is it so BIG that you wonder how it can become a reality?