Reclaiming The Goddess

At the crack of dawn each morning I awake to the cries of sheep’s baa from the gated field with vibrant green grass and lush mature trees outside the B & B I’m staying at.

I note the theme of the room, it’s Indian inspired, decorated in various colors on the floral quilt with reds, pinks and turquoise. Hanging in between the 2 twin beds is a painting of the goddess Lakishma sitting crossed legged in front of a large lotus flower and coins flowing from her hands in a garden.

She is the Hindu goddess who brings abundance and her message is “bright future”. How timely I think as I settle into my new environment. I travelled from St. Ives, Cornwall on a 4-hour journey to Glastonbury Somerset via the Great Western Railway (GWR).

Since I arrived I’ve noticed a vast contrast, not only in the landscape, but the vibe.

As I walk on High Street I feel as if I’ve been transported to the 60’s. People are dressed in hippie attire and the window displays elaborately showcase healing crystals, witchcraft wares, goddess and angel statues as well as vintage clothing.

Metaphysics and the legend of King Arthur are subjects in bookstores and Tarot card readers, Psychics and alternative healing are the norm.

Among the shops is a Gothic church with a tercentennial labyrinth outside. It seems to be the hangout place as people sit on benches and listen to a 2-man band dressed in grey suits and matching hats, one strumming a guitar, the other singing an R & B song.

Locals greet me with a nod, smile or hello—they're demeanour friendly, open and accepting.

I enter Excalibur Café it’s buzzing with energy and peruse the menu noting names like Pendragon burger. But I opt for the buffet and as I sit at table number 6 I savour every bite of the organic, vegan, raw and sprouted foods.

The following day I hike up to the Tor, a Celtic word for hill. The cone shape is natural due to its rocks made up of horizontal bands of clay and limestone with a cap of hard sandstone.

As I climb higher, the altitude changes and I begin to lose my breath so I stop and gaze at the breathtaking landscape. The higher I get the windier it gets and the steeper the climb. I’m reminded of my fear of heights.

But I cannot turn back, conquering this fear is symbolic of conquering other fears so I muster up the courage, pray to Archangel Michael for help and I focus on taking one step at a time, just like life I think until I reach the top.

I’m rewarded with views of lush greenery, blue skies, white clouds clumped up like cotton candy and bright sunlight for miles.

Then I enter the tower lean up against the cobblestoned wall and feel a surge of energy that brings me to tears. So I perch myself up on the side of the hill and commune with God and experience a trembling sensation in my solar plexus.

When I get up to return to the B & B I feel a shift from within—more grounded and more connected to everything and everyone in a way I haven’t before.

I then find my way to the Goddess Temple located in the Courtyard. It is a place dedicated to the Lady of Avalon and upon entering I note the red tent or moon lodge at the back of the temple.

Then I shift my eyes to the front and take in the purple cushions lined up against the walls and the elaborate altar adorned with votive candles, vases of lilac and roses as well as a large painting of the Goddess.

Oracle cards and other Goddess statues surround the altar and as I sit on the shag carpet the tears begin to flow and I hear so clearly, “welcome back home”. I continue to sit in stillness and feel an ache from deep within my soul.

Before I leave I make an offering and thank her for my healing gifts, then I light a votive candle and make my way to St. Margaret’s Chapel on Magdalene Street. The group of buildings dates back to the 13th century and was built by the monks of Glastonbury Abbey to care for pilgrims and the sick.

Almost immediately I burst into tears! Then I enter the Chapel and pray before walking around the small but beautiful garden and sit in one of the benches to process all of my emotions.

By the time I return to the B & B my heart is cracked open, my entire body is vibrating and I feel brand new, healed and whole.

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