Ready Or Not Change Is Inevitable!

Lately I’ve been reflecting on how my life has changed beyond what I imagined. It’s almost 5 years since in a moment of desperation I surrendered to God.

But leading up to that moment deep down I was unhappy with the status quo except I was not willing to do anything about it. I somehow wanted things to magically change yet stay the same!

Based on my experience when I did make changes it caused chaos, a loss of control and the fear of the unknown.

In hindsight I believe that I caused my own suffering because I refused to accept that I changed and the relationship, job, home etc., no longer aligned with my values. So it always felt like endings were forced upon me.

Why couldn’t change be easy I wondered?

Fast forward to the present day, I wonder why do we want change to be easy?

I think we need a guarantee that everything is going to work out exactly as we plan.

I’ve learned that change is neither easy nor hard, resisting the change is what causes the inner turmoil, but change is as natural as the seasons changing.

Flow with change

  • Acknowledge fears and core limiting beliefs then challenge them. Write them on a piece of paper. If your EGO says: what if I fail? Rewrite this belief to: how do I know I’ll fail if don’t even try?
  • Tell the truth—are you happy, are you fulfilled, does this bring joy? Listen to what’s in your heart and not what’s in your head. If you’re not happy, fulfilled or joyful, have the courage to make a decision.
  • Follow your intuition even when it doesn’t make sense. You’ll build self-confidence and will trust the process.
  • Take one action step at a time towards your goals.
  • Do more of what you love.
  • Make yourself a priority and set healthy boundaries.

Sometimes we don’t think we’re ready for change, but if not now then when will you be ready? The EGO will always conjure up countless reasons and excuses to keep you stuck.

All we have is today! The choices we make in the present moment create our future.

Remaining with the status quo because it’s familiar is a safe choice and though change pushes us out of our comfort zones, we always emerge stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

When we flow with change rather than resist it, we allow the unfolding of the mysteries of life to reveal itself.

One step at a time the Universe always provides what we need in perfect time, never on our time.

But because the EGO likes to be in charge it will fill your mind with fears, self-doubt, frustration and impatience if nothing is happening. To ease the EGO’s fears repeat the following affirmation by Louise Hay:

All is well,
everything is working out to my highest good,
out of this situation only good will come
and I am safe.

Ready or not change is inevitable, are you going to flow with it or will you to resist it?