Perspective Is Everything! Was It Failure or Success?

I recently taught my first workshop: How To Stop Replaying The Past And Worrying About The Future and only one person registered. Leading up to day of the workshop I experienced some mind chatter—should I cancel, why isn’t anyone else going to be there, am I wasting my time, am I on the right track?

I recognized that this was my EGO who expected the workshop to be full to capacity with fifteen participants. So whenever the EGO would tell me that it was a failure, I gave her a voice by writing out all of the above statements and whatever else she would conjure up in my notes app on your smartphone.

Interestingly one of my core teachings in the workshop is about the EGO and the Archetypes that are sometimes in charge. If I had listened to my EGO I would have remained stuck and I would have missed out on the two other people who unexpectedly joined the workshop.

By giving my EGO a voice I was able to reclaim my feminine power and see things from a higher perspective. Whether it was one person or three people I’ve learned that no experience is ever wasted, it’s an opportunity to learn and grow. It’s a stepping-stone towards the BIGGER vision.

Years ago I listened to an interview with Panache Desai, a world-renowned visionary and transformational teacher. He spoke about how no one attended his workshops, and instead of cancelling, he still taught the workshop. What I learned from his experience was, to keep showing up.

As much as my EGO would like to leap forward to success, I know it doesn't work that way. We all start somewhere and we need to put in the hard work. It takes time, persistence, perseverance and a lot of patience!

The workshop was a success! There were tears, there was laughter, there was some sharing and there were A-HA moments. It was a win-win situation, the three participants had some take-away’s that will help them and I was able to build new relationships and receive positive feedback on my teachings.

I also felt inspired to create my second class on Skillshare: How To Talk Back To Your EGO. It's easy to feel empowered when you're by yourself. But what do you do if you get upset, bothered, annoyed or even irritated when you're out at a social gathering or family function? Do you react, remain silent or cope in some other way?

If you constantly find yourself reacting to certain family members, colleagues and even your partner and you can’t seem to understand why; you’re calm when you’re not around them.

It might seem “normal” and you probably even considered avoiding them, however that’s not an option. Deep down you know that you deserve to have healthy relationships, but you’re not exactly sure how to end the cycle of drama.

In this class you will learn:

  1. The affects of suppressing our emotions.
  2. To reconnect with your feminine power.
  3. To shine light on your triggers.
  4. The EGO is sometimes in charge.
  5. To identify your dominant Archetype when you’re not resonating in your feminine power.
  6. To understand the low-level emotions.
  7. To walk yourself up to empowerment.

For your class project you’ll apply a simple, but effective technique on how to manage your emotions in a healthy way. Here is the link: