What Happens If You Don't Listen To What’s In Your Heart?

When I declared that 2018 is my year to shine, I had no idea exactly how I was going to shine! But God/Goddess knew and responded in their usual mysterious way. 

In the middle of February two weeks before my business coaching sessions were complete, my relationship ended and though initially it was shocking, deep down I knew. I wasn’t in my personal integrity, I hadn’t been listening to what’s in my heart for some time.

Simultaneously other areas of my life dismantled—work and place of residence. Admittedly I felt confused, sad and frustrated and though I wanted to strive forward, my Spirit Team guided me to just BE and look inward.

Needless to say, it wasn’t easy to sit with the range of emotions and though I seriously considered giving up on my dreams, I felt compelled to keep going because I’ve been here many times before—I was being redirected on my path and knew that in time it will be illuminated.

For the past 11 weeks I’ve learned (and continue to learn) to:

  • listen deeply in stillness-silence-solitude,
  • radically trust the guidance, especially when it doesn’t make sense to my EGO,
  • relinquish control and surrender,
  • come out of denial and tell myself the truth,
  • love myself, love the process and love where I’m at.

Grieving is a process

As a society we learned to keep going, to keep doing and move on to the next thing. But that is not healthy, we are human beings, not human doings! Eventually, it catches up to us in the form of illness and dis-ease.

Grieving is not something that can be rushed through, there isn’t a specific time frame when grieving is done. In my experience if we do not take time to properly grieve, we will remain stuck and disempowered!

To help with the process, here are 4 tips:

  1. Connect with Mother Earth. Go for a walk for a minimum of 20 minutes—no music and tune into your thoughts.
  2. Honor what you are feeling. If you feel sad, hurt, pain, disappointment etc. grab a piece of paper or your journal and write it out. Then tear it up so it loses power over you.
  3. Be receptive exercise. Sit in solitude for a minimum of 30 minutes—no music and tune into your thoughts. Set a timer if you need to.
  4. Self-care. Be gentle with yourself—take naps, sea salt baths, curl up with a good book or whatever is nurturing for you.

When you connect with Mother Earth, honor what you are feeling, sit in solitude and be gentle with yourself you’re giving yourself a gift. Nurturing is an act of self-love and the more you love yourself, the more you are able to be present—which is your point of power.

I want to hear from you

Are you listening to what’s in your heart—the whispers, the gentle and loving nudging to move on, take a risk etc., follow your BIG dream?

Do you feel resistance when your life is disrupted by a loss?