In Search Of The Holy Grail

I feel as if I’m in a Jane Eyre novel as I follow the host of the B & B and walk up the spiraled staircase in an old Victorian home.

I almost trail behind because she walks quickly but also because I’m taking in the brightly lit chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the varnished armoire in the hallway.

The theme of that era remains intact when I’m shown my room, it’s simply decorated—a twin-sized brass bed painted white, a night table and a chair. It’s cozy I think.

Earlier in the morning I departed St. Ives and arrived in Marazion via First Kernow, a Cornwall bus line within 40 minutes.

The town is quaint and small consisting of a handful of gallery’s, a pub, a pharmacy and a corner store with a post office.

Scattered about are B & B’s, two hotels and a few cafés. As I walk towards The Market Square glimpsing sea views in search of vegan options, I am pleased to speak with a Chef at Cutty Sark who accommodates my request.

After an enjoyable lunch I stroll along Mount’s Bay and observe tourists en masse trekking The Causeway towards St. Michael’s Mount. Tomorrow I’ll go I vow to myself and when I return to the B & B I retrieve my laptop and enter the lounge room.

As I sit on the couch situated in front of the faux fireplace I place my journal on the coffee table and though the room looks and feels formal like a parlour it’s comfortable.

With my legs crossed in the lotus position I resume typing the words for Chapter 1 of my next memoir. It’s almost one week since I’ve been inspired to write my story that’s always been there, but now ready to be birthed in a way that will benefit others.

I’ve already drafted the outline and my story starts 4 years ago when I met a man from my past life and he awakened past life memories. The next chapters will be about the journey on how my past lives affected my present life.

As I gaze out the bay windows at the sea view I reflect on how my story is unfolding and how the process is effortless compared to my first memoir. I’m much more engaged and excited to share my experiences plus my coaching techniques.

The following morning I walk to the pier and take a boat to get to St. Michael’s Mount and I’m thankful to be the first to disembark. When my feet touch the cobblestoned ground and walk to the ticket box, the queasiness in my tummy subsides.

Within a short while I take the scheduled half hour guided tour, which informs me about the historic past of the island. I also learn there are 30 residences maintaining the upkeep of the island.

Then I make my way towards the Castle and trek The Pilgrims’ Steps, how appropriate I think as I stop along the way and admire the well-manicured gardens. When I arrive at the top and lower my head to enter the Castle, a gust of wind follows me in.

As my body vibrates the guide who greets me provides instructions on how to tour the grounds, except I’m unable to hear her. She seems to sense this because her expression reads does she understand me?

After I tour a few rooms I already feel emotional at the clues I’ve uncovered and I am grateful to get some much needed air to alleviate the faintness I experience. Then as I stand outside a building marked Church I hear ever so clearly the answers you seek are in there.

But I don’t rush inside instead I take a moment to collect myself before entering The Church of St. Michael And All Angels. Immediately I’m overcome with emotions and because of the crowds of tourists I suppress my tears.

As I find a chair tucked away in a corner beside a stain-glassed window I close my eyes and clasp my hands in prayer. With Gregorian chants playing in the background I am transported to a scene from a different time...

I’m in this castle wearing a medieval dress and a bright light emanates from my hands and heart. Then I hear ever so clearly. You forgot the Christ light, your oneness with the Divine—God and Goddess.

As chills run down my spine I return to the present moment and before I open my eyes I allow the emotions to rise up to the surface and the tears to flow freely.

After I gaze at the altar and the tourists I get up and leave the church. I then spend a few more hours on the grounds and receive profound insights, which I will share in my memoir.

However, my spiritual pilgrimage feels complete! I received clarity as to the reason I was afraid to shine bright in this life.

Since then I’ve been physically detoxing via a sore throat, headaches and extreme fatigue forcing me to rest and wait for my inner shift to reflect in my outer world.


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