How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

Each morning I ask myself: how can I bring more love to myself today? And the answer is always the same: listen! I know exactly what it means, I need to be love so that I can stay open to receive my next right steps.

But I am stubborn! (Less as I get older). When I feel impatient or fearful, I know that my EGO has stepped in, imposing the plan on exactly how I will achieve my BIG dream.

Though I do my best and apply my coaching technique to reclaim my power and return to the present moment, I still took a step on the EGO’s plan. Nothing gets past my Spirit Team! They creatively find ways to get my attention when I ignore their guidance.

In the Akashic Records it was evident when I heard: you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, there is no need to strive forward, let go of your plans.Yet I didn’t listen!

I had other signs and messages via my gut feelings and insights in my journal I ignored, but my Spirit Team persisted. They finally came through via social media with a message to: honor and trust your feelings, let go and take back your power.

I then surrendered, releasing the tight grip my EGO had on trying to make things happen. My Spirit Team’s gentle and loving, but firm guidance is what I refer to as the spiritual kick in the pants I needed, to remind me that the creative path is not linear, nor are my steps going to make sense.

The following day I experienced an infinite peace, the neck pain dissolved and the right opportunity presented itself, so I took inspired action.

Reclaim your power

Paving your own path requires courage because there are no pre-programmed maps and it can take some time to learn to understand and interpret your inner guidance. 

The EGO doesn’t like change and wants things to remain the same because it’s familiar. In my experience when the EGO is in charge, things feel forced—you’re struggling and when we are resonating in our feminine or masculine power, things feel effortless—you are in a flow.

To help reclaim your power, here are 2 tips:

  1. Breathe. This may seem simple, but when we are all up in our head, we are actually holding our breath. Stop for a moment and take a deep breath from the core of your being, then exhale releasing all fears. Do this a few times if necessary until your mind is still, then ask: what would love do?
  2. Pay attention. Signs are everywhere and the answers are not going to come in an obvious way. But you’ll know it’s your answer, when it’s repetitive and you experience lightness.

When you breathe consciously and pay attention to the signs, you shift from feeling anxious and fearful where you’re in the future, to the present moment where you’re resonating in your power. Only then can you receive your next right steps because you’re open. 

I want to hear from you

Are you able to differentiate the voice of your EGO and intuition?

Do you find it difficult to interpret your inner guidance?