How To Choose Joy Today!


If I could describe how my year has been going in one word, it would be: whirlwind and now that we are in the midst of eclipse season, I am bracing myself for big changes.

My EGO has been keeping me busy with fears and beliefs that are limiting and I know when she takes over, I feel tired, drained and an inability to move forward. The more that I step into the unknown, the more my EGO will get in my way.

She has me oscillating between wanting things to be different from the past or worrying about things that have yet to happen in the future. Needless to say, it’s been distracting, but my Spirit Team’s gentle and loving, but firm guidance is focussed intention. 

In other words, stay present!

This requires me to love myself, even the parts that I wish were different because in order to resonate in (Joy) I must, love myself unconditionally. 

I’ve learned that my EGO doesn’t trust that everything will work out and she tries to be in control, because she doesn’t feel safe. So, I nurture her like I would a little girl, because we don’t love and nurture a child only once! 

If I ignore her, she will sabotage my efforts for change and lately because I will be birthing an entire new life, I make it a priority to choose joy.

Don’t wait to experience joy

All too often we focus on the destination and forget to enjoy the journey. This may sound like a cliché, but if you are not enjoying your life right now, then most likely you will not experience joy when you attain the goal or arrive at your destination.

When you look to a person, place or thing to experience joy, it is guaranteed that it will elude you. Joy is an inside job! Your EGO believes that joy is outside of yourself and in the future. This is not true, all we have is the present moment.

You can choose joy right now, even if you’re not where you want to be. Here are 3 tips:

  1. Walk yourself up to empowerment. We have a range of emotions. It’s not realistic to feel positive all of the time, otherwise it will create an imbalance. When you feel fear, anxious, guilt or anger—this is actually your EGO who needs love. Honor what you are feeling by writing it out. Then tear it up so it loses power over you.
  2. Create a new belief. Positive affirmations are meant to reprogram the mind, but they are ineffective if you are wrapped up in fears. As you honor your feelings, affirm repeatedly: I choose joy. It’s best to say it aloud.
  3. Express yourself! Spend at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week doing something creative e.g. writing, drawing, painting, singing, dancing etc. Whatever brings you joy! Schedule it in your smartphone and set a reminder.

    By doing something creative, you’re connecting with your soul, your spirit, where you focus on solutions, access your inner wisdom, intuition, and shifting you from being in your head, where the EGO focuses on problems, fears. I learned from the author, Wayne Dyer that EGO is: Edging God Out. (If you’re not comfortable with the word God, replace it with Spirit).

When you walk yourself up to empowerment, create a new belief and express yourself, you’re enjoying your life right now, in the present moment, where your point of power is.

It may seem counterintuitive to have fun, but when we worry, we create more stress in our lives and when we enjoy, life becomes effortless—almost magical.

If there is one thing that I can impart from the spirit world and that is, to enjoy life and savour the moment. 

Struggle and suffering are the path of resistance. 

Joy is your birthright! 

Will you reclaim it?

I want to hear from you

What would happen if you let go of control and found joy today?

Do you find it difficult to stay in a place of love, when things are not going according to your plans?

Does it feel like something is missing in your life?