Do You Know Your EGO?

The day before the lunar eclipse full moon, I woke up feeling brand new. An inner peace followed me throughout the day, you could drop a pin in my head.

However, I didn’t automatically wake up this way! For weeks leading up to the main event, I was consciously releasing repeated patterns and limiting beliefs that stemmed from my EGO. 

She is actually a wounded part of me and when I realized that she is my inner child, it helped me to connect with her and build a relationship with her, instead of keeping my EGO separate.

Admittedly, I was resistant to facing my pain story yet again, but my inner child was clinging on to the past and it was preventing me from moving forward.

I knew that she needed more love as I underwent transformation and with the help of my spirit team, who gently and lovingly guided me to be gentle, I was led to the best methods that assisted me, in finally releasing the past.

Not only did I receive gifts from my inner child and an important message, I feel whole, complete and balanced.

Sometimes your EGO is in charge of your life

When we’re resonating in our EGO’s, we’re acting like Parents—rescuing, caretaking and overcompensating to the point that we become emotionally depleted. Then we swing over and act like a Child—demanding, blaming, complaining and creating drama.

We’re passive, but deep down we know that we deserve more. So, we become frustrated and angry because we don’t know how to express ourselves authentically and we remain stuck in our aggression.

But in order to resonate in your feminine power and act like an Adult, you need to assert yourself. When you’re assertive, you’re willing, you’re courageous, you let go and take action!

The Parent and Child Archetype is what you developed as a protection mechanism because you learned that it wasn’t safe to shine your brilliant light.

If you recognized yourself in either the Parent and Child Archetype and you want to find out which one is your dominant Archetype, I’ve created an online class called: How To Talk Back To Your EGO.

By learning which Archetype is sometimes in charge, you’ll understand yourself, know yourself, love yourself and be kind to yourself.

Whether your dominant Archetype is the Parent, acting like a martyr or you dominant Archetype is the Child, acting like a victim, they both prefer to remain with the status quo, because it’s familiar. 

To learn how to give the Parent and Child Archetype what they most need and that is love and to connect to your feminine power and meet your Adult Archetype, you can check it out here.

The goal is not to get rid of the EGO, but to shift you into your feminine power to be more in charge of your life.

When you acknowledge all parts of you, even the parts that we wish were different because let’s get real here, no one likes to get angry, jealous, sad or feel afraid. We all want to feel good, positive and happy.

However, we have a range of emotions and if we ignore the “negative” ones, it creates an imbalance. Eventually, it shows up in our health-wealth-relationships.

Unconditional love is the path to (JOY) and if you want to experience joy in your life, it begins with you.

I want to hear from you

What are your thoughts about your EGO?

Did learning about the Parent and Child Archetype help you see your EGO differently?

Are you able to see how your EGO can sometimes be in charge of your life?