Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

How many times have we heard that FEARS are False Evidence Appearing Real? For some, fears can be debilitating and though they logically understand, they are unable to get past their fears.

I can definitely attest to that! Many times I talked myself out of taking risks because I had already conjured up all of the possibilities that it just was not going to work out.

But how did I really know this? I didn’t!

Sure my EGO—Edging God Out, thought she was trying to protect me and on some level I was comfortable in my discomfort because it was familiar.

When you’re about to move forward in your life, it’s guaranteed that your EGO is going to stand in your way and fill your mind with self-doubt, criticism or judgement.

Our initial reaction is to avoid the voice that tells us we’re going to fail, we’re not ready or we’re not good enough.

Sound familiar?

No matter what we do to squash that voice, we just can’t hide from it—it’s your voice!

Sure you can attempt to drown it out via addictions, procrastination, distractions or avoidance.

But the more we resist, the more it persists!

Your EGO was most likely created at a very young age when you learned that it was not safe to be yourself and because you’ve listened to it—you’re unable to hear your authentic self’s voice.

Your EGO is a wounded part of you and it shows up when it does not feel safe—he/she really “thinks” it’s protecting you from harm.

And because he/she does not feel heard he/she will sabotage your happiness. But all the EGO really wants is to be loved and feel that he/she matters. He/she is not separate from you, so if you’re berating and scolding the voice in your head, you’re really speaking to the wounded part of you.

Imagine that the various fears that come to the surface were your children. Wouldn’t you love them equally regardless of what they’ve done or said in the past?

As an adult you can become the parent to those children and speak to them lovingly and with compassion.

By dialoguing with your EGO you can walk yourself through your fears, core limiting beliefs and old patterns. Nothing “out there” has the ability to make you feel anxious, sad or humiliated unless you feel that way. You can change your thoughts!

You no longer have to buy into the lies, the drama and the baggage and you can empower yourself by curiously questioning the EGO:

  1. What is he/she afraid of?
  2. Why is he/she so committed to keeping me small?
  3. What does he/she think I have to give up?
  4. Who is he/she blaming?
  5. What does he/she wish should be, could be?

Most importantly, Can you just let go of the “story”? And re-write a better story—that you deserve to achieve great health, wealth, love, career etc.

It’s our thoughts about a person or a situation that create our emotions and our health-income-relationships are a reflection of how we really talk to ourselves.

So if you’re stuck in an area of your life, it’s because your EGO has been running your life. But when you acknowledge your EGO via dialoguing and you assure him/her that you’re in charge now, you silence the voice in your head.

Admittedly feeling your feelings and examining your thoughts takes A LOT of courage, but it’s exhausting living in fear and if you want to live the life of your dreams only you can change your reality.