Goodbye New Year’s Resolutions Hello One Word

Making New Year’s Resolutions sets us up for failure.

We resolve to quit smoking, to eat healthy, to exercise, to be kind, to lose 10 pounds etc.

At first we’re diligent and on track with our goals.

But within weeks, we lose the momentum and though we attempt to get back on track we struggle.

All the while our self-critic is in charge—criticizing, belittling and judging. Instead of feeling motivated, we become depleted and discouraged.

So we give up!

It’s not that New Year’s Resolutions don’t work; it’s just too much pressure for an entire year.

Plus, we really don’t need to wait for the clock to strike midnight on 1-1 to begin anew.

Each day is a brand new beginning.

What if you focussed on how you wanted to feel for the entire year?

What if you focussed on one of your core values for the entire year?

I adopted the one word concept a few years ago because I had become discouraged that I would make these resolutions and then always carry them over each year.

So I decided to focus on how I wanted to feel and what would be most important to me on a daily basis for that year.

Not only did it take the pressure off to make resolutions. I was able to effectively navigate my daily life with my one word.

I also discovered that goals are too exterior focussed and my one word tugged me to live with intention.

Since 2012 the one word concept has transformed my life and at the dawn of a new year I’m still contemplating my one word for 2015.

For one word ideas, check out Oneword365.

If you could live with intention for 2015, what is your one word?