A Setback Is A Setup For Something Better

When you walk the path less travelled, the one assurance that you can always count on is change disguised as setbacks a.k.a. obstacles.

This is simply a course correction and though experiencing it can bring with it self-doubt, uncertainty and fear—it’s an opportunity to reflect, reassess and renew.

No plan is ever solid—there is no way that we can know every single detail and for that matter control a specific outcome. The only way to learn is to keep walking the path that is right for you even if it doesn’t make sense.

I’ve become quite acquainted with this nonsensical way of living…

For the past 4 years I’ve been walking to the beat of my own rhythm—at times it felt like a daring adventure and other times it felt like I was lost at sea.

In those moments when I was ready to give up miracles would happen—a new door of opportunity would open.

Then I’d move forward equipped with the lessons I learned and like the seasons, the cycle would continue.

Most of us intellectually know that change is inevitable and constant. Some of us even ask for change, yet we negotiate with God, Spirit, Higher Power or Universe to keep things the same.

Sure the unknown can be scary, but remaining in unhappiness can be stagnating and a dishonor to SELF.

I was there too, wanting change and resisting it when it arrived. Mostly because fear had been guiding me for so long, I became comfortable and I really needed a guarantee that everything would work out according to the plans I made.

When I left a permanent job with great benefits and financial security I really “thought” it was going to be smooth sailing.

Naïve, maybe…

But I spent countless years thinking and examining the pros and cons and instead of taking action I contracted what is referred to as paralysis analysis.

On the outside my life looked “perfect”, but on the inside I was unhappy and this manifested as anxiety, bipolar depression, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, allergies and irritable bowel syndrome.

When I finally listened to the whispers within, all physical ailments mysteriously dissolved…

My negative thoughts, feelings and energy clearly affected my wellbeing and confirmed the Chinese philosophy I adopted many years ago—the mind-body-spirit is connected.

Happiness is truly an inside job.

What if you could view the issues in your life as a messenger alerting you that it is time to change?

When you listen to you inner guidance, you say YES to your happiness!

We do not need to see the entire path—all that is required of us is to take the first step in faith.

Setbacks stretch us out of our comfort zone, but they:

  • prepare you to take your next steps,
  • build more of a solid foundation in your plans—seeing what you omitted, didn’t even consider, gather information or find a solution,
  • let go of what no longer serves you.

At any given time, you can change your perspective!

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to [insert reason], you can choose to believe that life is happening to you and act powerless or…

You can choose to believe that life is happening for you to express the greatest version of SELF—to be empowered!