Andrea Lewis is on a mission to empower women to say no to drama and codependent relationships while reminding women of their worth. As a Certified Wellness Coach from The S.W.A.T Institute she guides and supports women to release fears that hold them back.

Andrea, the Author of Dramaville is not a place; it’s a state of mind went from self-destruction to self-love and re-awakened her intuitive gifts she learned to hide from growing up in a dysfunctional environment.

By shining light on her fears Andrea has transformed her victim story to one of inspiration. A courageous journey of healing, health and self-empowerment. As an Akashic Records Ancestral Healing Practitioner, Andrea is helping women lead empowering lives by identifying and clearing unwanted ancestral influences on the present.

Andrea’s commitment to end repeated patterns in this life, previous lifetimes, and ancestral influences that hinder our path can be felt in her published works with The Master Shift, mindbodygreen, Sistership Circle, tiny buddha and Simply Woman.

When Andrea is not writing, speaking or coaching, she is meditating, practicing yoga, drawing, reading and walking in nature. She currently lives in Ottawa, Canada.